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Diligent Virginia lawyer helps safeguard the rights of creators and owners

Even the greatest ideas can lose their commercial value without proper registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights. At Charisse Hines Law in Alexandria, I help individuals, small businesses, startup companies, associations, and nonprofit groups protect themselves and maximize the worth of what they own. Whether your issue involves a patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret, my firm handles the necessary technical and legal details. I deliver individualized attention to each client in a small-firm setting.

Comprehensive assistance for patent registration and enforcement

Obtaining certification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires thorough preparation. I have the experience to give you the best chance of success by assisting at every stage, which may involve:

  • Existing patent search — I use a variety of online resources to make sure that your creation is not too similar to an item that has already been patented.
  • Patent examination — Working with the assigned patent examiner, my firm will guide you through the long process of making sure that your invention is eligible to be patented and that you satisfy USPTO requirements.
  • Application elements — Using drawings and narrative, I will enable you to specify exactly what makes your invention unique and worthy of a patent.

Once you have received your patent, I can help you take action in case someone is attempting to co-opt your patented work.

Knowledgeable advice on trademarks to establish business names and logos

Trademarks, logos and service marks are vital to the public identity of businesses. If you are looking to establish and protect your image, I start by determining whether the mark or logo you’re considering infringes on something already registered. If not, my firm drafts the application and related documents for filing with the USPTO.

Securing copyright to protect your creative work

Creating a work of art or literature is a personal endeavor, but unless you secure copyright protection, someone else might profit from your efforts. I represent authors and artists who seek to copyright their written material, music, films and other creative works. This preserves the owner’s exclusive right to sell, reproduce or display the work as they see fit. Should you be involved in a dispute over an alleged copyright violation, my firm will advocate strongly on your behalf.

Skilled advocate represents clients in disputes over trade secrets

In the Information Age, it is easier than ever for a disgruntled current or former employee to misappropriate valuable confidential data from their employer. This is unlawful under the new Defend Trade Secrets Act, and immediate legal action is necessary to prevent the possibility of significant damage to your business. If you even suspect that someone has misappropriated commercial information, or if you are being charged with this serious offense, my firm can outline your legal options.

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