Dedicated Virginia Attorney Helps Protect Intellectual Property

Alexandria lawyer advises on patent, trademark, copyright and business matters

Preserving the ownership and value of work you’ve created is essential for organizations and individuals. Technology has made it easier than ever to hijack intellectual property, but a strong attorney can enforce your rights and hold the responsible parties accountable. At Charisse Hines Law in Alexandria, I represent clients nationwide in a complete range of intellectual property matters, advising on trademark, copyright and patent issues. My firm provides the same skilled counsel throughout Virginia and Washington, D.C., for business law concerns that affect companies and nonprofit institutions. Like producers of new products and ideas, I take great pride in finding creative solutions to the trickiest problems.

Motivated lawyer determined to make a difference for clients

Effective representation from a diligent attorney can provide the advantage you need to resolve your legal matter successfully. Individuals, small businesses, startups, associations, and nonprofit organizations rely on my support for many reasons, including:

  • High-level experience, small-firm service — As a sole practitioner, I provide top-quality representation in a small-firm environment.
  • Responsive counsel — You can count on me to reply to communications quickly so that you are not left to wonder where your case stands. At each stage, you will have a full understanding of the pertinent issues and options.
  • Personalized attention — Complex intellectual property and business details demand personal attention from a dedicated attorney. By understanding your unique situation and goals, I develop a sound strategy for meeting your objectives.

Intellectual property cases often involve complicated issues. I provide a free initial consultation so that you have a complete understanding of the legal framework before deciding whether to take action.

Knowledgeable counsel for various IP legal issues

My firm strives to safeguard the legal rights and interests of innovative clients in practice areas including:

  • Intellectual property — If you require assistance with an intellectual property dispute or registration, I provide informed guidance on a full range of IP topics.
  • Business law — For companies and nonprofit firms, my firm delivers comprehensive business law representation.
  • Patent practice — Establishing a patent can be a pivotal achievement for an inventor or business. I will navigate the detailed legal process to increase your likelihood of success.
  • Trademark registration — I can register a trademark for your business or brand.
  • Copyright registration — Copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works. I can help you copyright your work.

No matter what your specific case entails, I will devote the same effort and energy protecting your work as you do creating it.

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Charisse Hines Law provides skilled legal representation for intellectual property and other business matters. Please call 571-549-2635 or contact me online for a free initial consultation. My office is in Alexandria.