Knowledgeable Alexandria Tax Attorneys Provide Strategic Guidance  

Effective Virginia firm offers legal support to businesses and individuals

A tax problem can put your business or family at risk. At Charisse Hines Law in Alexandria, Virginia, we help small businesses, startups and individuals maintain compliance with complex and ever-changing tax laws while minimizing tax exposure. Our firm also assists eligible nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations so they can establish and maintain their status. No matter your taxation concern, you can rely on our law firm to provide sound advice to safeguard your financial interests.

Experienced lawyers help clients choose the most beneficial tax structures

The tax structure you choose for your business can affect your bottom line. Some structures such as sole proprietorships and partnerships don’t impose separate taxes on the business entity. However, setting up as a limited liability company or an S or C corporation can present certain advantages and pitfalls depending on the unique details of your business and your future goals. Choosing one particular structure over another should be based upon an analysis of many factors. Once we learn about your business, we will advise you about the structure that may be most beneficial for your company.

Highly informed legal advisers assist nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations

We advise nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations throughout the formation process and at every stage of their operations so they can take the legal steps needed to avoid unnecessary tax liability. Our firm handles applications for nonprofit status with government authorities and prepares applications for tax-exempt status with the IRS. You can rely on our attorneys for in-depth guidance about problems that could cause organizations to lose tax-exempt status, such as noncompliance with reporting obligations, earning too much unrelated business income and other important concerns.

Skilled legal counselors assist with filings, audits and other tax concerns

Our law firm delivers knowledgeable counsel on tax filings, drawing on our knowledge of the factors that can trigger audits from the IRS, Virginia Department of Taxation and other authorities. Accordingly, we help businesses, nonprofits and individuals avoid those triggers. In the event of audits, we ensure clients are prepared and also represent them before the investigating government body. Whether you own a business, run a non-profit or are an individual requiring a tax attorney’s assistance, you can rely on our law firm to skillfully look out for your interests.  

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At Charisse Hines Law in Alexandria, we advise Virginia and Washington, D.C. businesses, individuals and nonprofits in a full range of tax planning matters. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 571-549-2635 or contact us online.